What they’re saying about us

“…Jennifer Maria Harris presented the Fear Not Library (2008), a wonderful collection of books, the insides of which have been almost completely covered in white-out, with the few uncovered words spelling out phrases such as ‘do not be scared’ or ‘never fear.’ Harris’s work presents the labor of hand-whiting each page, while revealing a kind of literary unconscious, as the textual fragments remaining within the eighteen best-selling books of all time (including the Bible and Koran, for example) suggest a bizarre kind of reassurance whispering from the thousands of white pages.”
(Artweek, March 2009, David Buuck, contributing editor)

“Life may be pretty damned scary, but there are always good sorts walking around, plugging in nightlights so we can see the shadows for what they truly are. One such illuminator is San Francisco artist Jennifer Maria Harris, whose latest solo show…includes…a multimedia installation that challenges the current culture of fear in the United States.”
(SF Bay Guardian Picks, August 2008, Peter Nicholson)

“Within five minutes of finding the site, I cried (big surprise, I know!); I dialed the 800 number for Fear Not radio and listened; I dialed again and participated; and I sent an email off to the founder, Jennifer Maria Harris. Who knew listening to the voices of random strangers saying, in all voices and languages, “Fear Not,” could transform my morning?!”
(Fearful Faithfulness by Mimi Meredith on The Bloomin’ Blog, April 2011)

Featured in The Art of No Fear: Jennifer Maria Harris by Alison Dale on the Artlarking blog.

Featured in The Fear Not Project – SF and Worldwide by Hilary Copeland-Glenn on the Little Paper Planes blog.

Featured in Fear Not by Claire Lawton on the arts blog for the Phoenix New Times.

Featured in Do Not Fear by Tara Vierbergen on the blog for Glamcult in Holland.

Featured in Fear Not Project by Kopling for Kopi Keliling in Indonesia.

Featured in interviews on Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco.

Want to get involved?

Call 1-888-363-2332 and leave your message saying "Don't be afraid" or upload your sound file. more

Write "have no fear" on a postcard and mail it to us. more

Put some of our Fear Not magnets up in your area! more

What's new?

Fear Not was shortlisted for the Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. Although we didn't make the final cut, we hope to be part of this great event in future, and you can take a look at the amazing work they're doing here.

New images from Canada, New Mexico, and Kentucky are posted. Check them out!

In summer 2013, we have Fear Not Indirect Mail volunteers delivering magnetic messages in Boston, Seattle, and Texas. Images will be coming soon!

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