Who knew taking photos of magnets could be so much fun?

As a Fear Not Indirect Mail agent, you will be asked to put one or more Indirect Mail messages in a public place of your choosing and to send us a digital image and the location of each delivery.

To get started, fill out the information below and we will contact you to confirm.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to get involved?

Call 1-888-363-2332 and leave your message saying "Don't be afraid" or upload your sound file. more

Write "have no fear" on a postcard and mail it to us. more

Put some of our Fear Not magnets up in your area! more

What's new?

Fear Not was shortlisted for the Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. Although we didn't make the final cut, we hope to be part of this great event in future, and you can take a look at the amazing work they're doing here.

New images from Canada, New Mexico, and Kentucky are posted. Check them out!

In summer 2013, we have Fear Not Indirect Mail volunteers delivering magnetic messages in Boston, Seattle, and Texas. Images will be coming soon!

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